What Is The Fastest Dog Breed – 20 Fastest Dog Breeds

We all think our dogs are lightning fast as they speed around the house or garden, but have you ever wondered what the fastest dog breeds in the world are? Today we are going to answering that very question with the top 20 fastest dog breeds in the world.

Characteristics of the Oldest Dog Breeds in the World

Many of the fastest dog breeds in the world share similar physical traits with slender bodies and long legs. They have developed over centuries and have often been used for hunting, sport and other activities.

The fastest dog breeds in the world tend to be extremely energetic and need lots of exercise to be both physically and mentally stimulated.

Compared to humans, dogs are extremely fast. The fastest human speed ever recorded was achieved by Olympian Usain Bolt, who ran at a speed of nearly 45 hm/h (28 mph). The fastest dog breed in the world, the greyhound, can run at an incredible 72 km/h (45 mph).

20 Fastest Dog Breeds in the World

Below we have put together a list of the 20 fastest dog breeds in the world. Check below to see if your dog has made the list. At the end of this article we have a handy table comparing the speeds of the 20 fastest dog breeds.

1 – Greyhound

While similar in appearance to the Saluki or Sloughi breeds, the Greyhound is actually more closely related to herding dogs. It is believed that the Greyhound’s origins lie with the Celts from Eastern Europe or Eurasia.

Greyhounds are a gentle and intelligent breed whose combination of long, powerful legs, deep chest, flexible spine and slim build allow them to reach an incredible top speed of 72 km/h (45 mph). They can reach this speed within 30 metres (98 ft) or six strides.

Male Greyhounds are usually 71 to 76 centimetres (28 to 30 inches) tall at the withers, and on average weigh between 27 to 40 kg (60 to 88 lbs). Females tend to be smaller with heights ranging from 66 to 71 cm (26 to 28 inches) and weights from 25 to 34 kg (55 to 75 lbs). However, they can be bigger or smaller than these weights and sizes.

Greyhounds have very short fur and there are around 30 different recognised combinations including white, black, red and more. They are dolichocephalic with a skull that is relatively long compared to its width.

Greyhound Stats

  • Top speed – 72km/h (45 mph)
  • Weight male – 27 to 40 kg (60 to 88 lbs)
  • Height male – 71 to 76 centimetres (28 to 30 inches)
  • Weight female – 25 to 34 kg (55 to 75 lbs)
  • Height female – 66 to 71 cm (26 to 28 inches

2 – Saluki

Not only is the Saluki one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, it is also one of the fastest. The Saluki can trace its roots back to Egyptian times, with dogs that resemble them being depicted on tombs at around 2,100BC (Some believe they even date back as far as 7,000BC).

Salukis are known as the royal dog of Egypt and they were bred to hunt wild animals due to their speed and endurance. Unlike some other breeds, Salukis hunt primarily by their sight rather than their scent (they are classed as sighthounds).

The normal size for modern Salukis is 58 – 71 cm (23 – 28 inches) high at the withers and 16 – 29 kg (35 – 65 pounds) in weight, with females being slightly smaller. They feature a long and narrow head with large eyes and drop ears. Salukis are typically deep-chested with long legs and a slim body.

Compared to Greyhounds, Salukis are slightly slower with a top speed of 68.8 km/h (42.8 mph). However, Salukis are regarded as faster than Greyhounds over distances in excess of 800 metres (0.5 miles). This is due to their heavily padded feet and remarkable stamina when running.

Saluki Stats

  • Top speed – 68 km/h (42.8 mph)
  • Weight – 16 – 29 kg (35 – 65 pounds)
  • Height – 58 -71 cm (23 – 28 inches)

3 – Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds are the third fastest dog breed in the world and are closely related to the Saluki. The breed dates back to pre-Christian times and was primarily used for hunting wild animals. Today, Afghan Hounds are popular show dogs due to their tall stature and distinctive long coat.

Today’s purebred Afghan Hounds descend from dogs brought to Great Britain in the 1920s, which King Amanullah of the Afghan Royal Family gave as gifts. There are around 13 different types of Afghan Hound and the breed is classed as a sighthound.

The Afghan Hound is tall with a height of 61 – 74 cm (24 – 29 inches) and a weight of 20 – 27 kg (44 – 60 lbs). Coats can come in a wide variety of colours, but white/cream tends to be the most common colour. Many Afghan Hounds also feature a black facial mask and some even have facial hair that looks like a Fu Manchu moustache.

Despite its appearance, the Afghan Hound is an extremely athletic dog. They can turn very well and have extremely good endurance. With a top speed of 64.4 km/h (40 mph), the Afghan Hound is one of the fastest breeds of dog on the planet.

Afghan Hound Stats

  • Top speed – 64.4 km/h (40 mph)
  • Weight – 20 – 27 kg (44 – 60 lbs)
  • Height – 61 – 74 cm (24 – 29 inches)

4 – Vizsla

The Vizsla breed of dog originates from Hungry and is classed as a Pointer. The first written reference to the Vizsla was recorded in Illustrated Vienna Chronicle prepared on order of King Louis I of Hungary by the Carmelite Friars in 1357.

As companions of early Hungarian warlords and barons, the breed was held in high esteem for its hunting and athletic ability. During the Turkish occupation (1526 – 1696), the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, World War I and World War 2, the breed almost became extinct. It was believed that only about a dozen purebred Vizslas survived the Second World War.

Vizslas feature a very-short coat and no undercoat so they are unsuited to living outdoors. They have a very robust, yet light build with very defined muscles that lets them hit a top speed of 64.4 km/h (40 mph). The nose of a Vizsla will always have a reddish colour that blends with the coat colour. While the standard coat comes in a solid golden rust colour, they can also come in a number of other colours.

The Vizsla is classed as a medium-sized dog with an average height of 58 – 69 cm (23 – 27 inches) for males and 53 – 61 cm (21 – 24 inches) for females. The average weights are 20 – 30 kg (45 – 66 lb) for males and 18 – 25 kg (40 – 55 lbs) for females.

Vizsla Stats

  • Top speed – 64.4 km/h (40 mph)
  • Weight male – 20 – 30 kg (45 – 66 lb)
  • Height male – 58 – 69 cm (23 – 27 inches)
  • Weight female – 18 – 25 kg (40 – 55 lbs)
  • Height female – 53 – 61 cm (21 – 24 inches)

5 – Ibizan Hound

The fifth breed of dog on this list is the Ibizan Hound and it features a top speed of 64.4 km/h (40 mph), which is the same as the Vizsla and the Afghan Hound above.

Originating from the island of Eivissa, the Ibizan Hound has been traditionally used in the Catalan-speaking areas of Spain and France to hunt rabbits and other small game. Due to its extreme speed and agility, the breed can hunt on all types of terrain, working by scent, sound and sight. Females tend to make up the majority in a hunting pack as they are considered to be better at the task.

The Ibizan Hound is an elegant and agile breed, with an athletic physique and a springy trot. Its large upright ears are a hallmark of the breed and they feature a long and lean neck. Ibizan Hounds come in both smooth and wire-coated varieties, and their coat is a combination of red and white.

On average, the breed stans 56 – 74 cm (22 – 29 inches) tall and weighs from 20 – 29 kg (45 – 65 pounds).

Ibizan Hound Stats

  • Top speed – 64.4 km/h (40 mph)
  • Weight – 20 – 29 kg (45 – 65 lbs)
  • Height – 56 – 74 cm (22 – 29 inches)

6 – Jack Russell Terrier

Don’t be fooled by the Jack Russell’s small stature, it is actually one of the fastest dogs on the planet. The Jack Russel Terrier is a small terrier that has its origins in fox hunting in England. It is commonly confused with the Parson Russel terrier and the Russell terrier, a stockier, shorter-legged variant.

The Jack Russell Terrier we know today was first bred by the Reverend John Russell, a parson and hunting enthusiast born in 1795, and they can trace their origin to the now extinct English white terrier.

Due to their working nature, Jack Russells remain much the same as they were 200 years ago. They are sturdy, and tenacious with an athletic build measuring 25 – 38 cm (10 – 15 inches) at the withers, and a weight of 6 – 8 kg (14 – 18 lbs).

The Jack Russell Terrier is the fastest small dog breed with a top speed of 61.2 km/h (38 mph).

Jack Russell Terrier Stats

  • Top speed – 61.2 km/h (38 mph)
  • Weight – 6 – 8 kg (14 – 18 lbs)
  • Height – 25 – 38 cm (10 – 15 inches)

7 – Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is a medium sized breed of dog and is known for its unique black, liver spotted coat. Interestingly, a Dalmatian’s coat is not spotted at birth. Puppies of this breed are born with plain white coats and their first spots usually appear within 10 days (however, the spots are visible on the skin).

It is unknown the exact history of the Dalmatian, but it is known that Croatia is the breed’s country of origin. The breed was seen in paintings dating back as far as the early 1600s and again when it was described as Canis Dalmaticus in the church chronicles from 1719 by Bishop Petar Bakić.

During the Regency period, Dalmatians became a status symbol and were often seen trotting alongside horse-drawn carriages. For this reason, the breed was given the nickname “the spotted coach dog”.

With a well-defined, muscular body, Dalmatians usually stand 48 – 61 cm (19 – 24 inches) tall and can weigh anywhere from 20 – 34 kg (45 – 75 lbs). They have excellent stamina and endurance, and are one of the fastest dog breeds in the world with a top speed of 60 km/h (37 mph).

Dalmatian Stats

  • Top speed – 60 km/h (37 mph)
  • Weight – 20 – 34 kg (45 – 75 lbs)
  • Height – 48 – 61 cm (19 – 24 inches)

8 – Borzoi

Also known as the Russian Wolfhound, the Borzoi is one of the fastest dog breeds in the world. The breed is originally descended from dogs brought to Russia from central Asian countries. They are similar in shape to a Greyhound and are also a member of the sighthound family.

Borzoi’s feature a silky, flat coat that can often be wavy or slightly curly. The long top-coat is quite flat, with varying degrees of waviness or curling. Underneath the top-coat is a soft-undercoat that thickens during the winter months and sheds during hot weather.

Male Borzois typically weigh between 34 – 48 kg (75 – 105 lbs) and stand 75 – 85 cm (30 – 33 inches). Females are smaller with a weights ranging from 25 – 41 kg (55 – 90 lbs) and heights from 68 – 78 cm (27 – 31 inches).

With an athletic body, Borzois were bred to pursue game and have a powerful instinct to chase things that run from them. Built for speed and endurance this breed has a top speed of 58 km/h (36 mph).

Borzoi Stats

  • Top speed – 58 km/h (36 mph)
  • Weight male – 34 – 48 kg (75 – 105 lbs)
  • Height male – 75 – 85 cm (30 – 33 inches)
  • Weight female – 25 – 41 kg (55 – 90 lbs)
  • Height female – 68 – 78 cm (27 – 31 inches)

9 – Whippet

Whippets are a medium sized breed of dog and they originate from England, where they descend from Greyhounds. As you can imagine, any breed that is directly descended from Greyhounds is going to be fast and Whippets are no exception. With a top speed of 56 km/h (35 mph), the Whippet is the ninth fastest breed of dog in the world.

Whippets were bred to hunt by sight, chasing game in open areas at high speed. The first recorded use of the word Whippet in regard to a type of dog was in 1610. They are commonly known as “snap dogs” for their tendency to “snap up” nearby prey.

Due to their incredible speed Whippets have also been used for racing. The earliest form of racing they competed in was known as ‘ragging’. Dogs were kept on a leash by a person known as a slip and they would release them all at the same time. The dogs would then race towards their owners waving towels or rags.

Whippets usually weigh anywhere from 6.8 – 19.1 kg (15 – 42 pounds). Males tend to be 47 – 57 cm (18.5 – 22.5 inches) in height while females tend to be 44 – 55 cm (17.5 – 21.5 inches) in height. They come in a wide variety of colours from solid black to white, blue and more.

Whippet Stats

  • Top speed – 56 km/h (35 mph)
  • Weight – 8 – 19.1 kg (15 – 42 pounds).
  • Height male – 47 – 57 cm (18.5 – 22.5 inches)
  • Height female – 44 – 55 cm (17.5 – 21.5 inches)

10 – Pharaoh Hound

This interesting looking breed of dog is believed to be descended from the Tesem, one of Ancient Egypt’s hunting dogs. Images and descriptive writings found on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs share striking similarities with the Pharaoh Hound.

At first glance, the Pharaoh Hound looks both graceful and elegant, yet powerful and athletic. They have well defined muscles that are not too bulky. The long and chiselled skull resembles a blunt wedge and the eyes are commonly amber-coloured.

Pharaoh Hounds tend to weigh up to 20 – 25 kg (45 – 55 pounds) with males being slightly heavier than females. In terms of weight, males are usually 58 – 64 cm (23 – 25 inches) while females tend to be 53 – 61 cm (21 – 24 inches).

This breed is extremely proficient at hunting with female Pharaoh Hounds leading the chase while males keep the game from veering to far to the sides. They also let out a distinctive high pitched bark that attracts other dogs and hunters to their location. Pharaoh Hound’s top speed of 56 km/h (35 mph) helps them chase down prey.

Pharaoh Hound Stats

  • Top speed – 56 km/h (35 mph)
  • Weight – 20 – 25 kg (45 – 55 pounds)
  • Height male – 58 – 64 cm (23 – 25 inches)
  • Height female – 53 – 61 cm (21 – 24 inches)

11 – Weimaraner

Originally bred to hunt large game such as boar, bear and deer for royalty, this large breed of dog gets its name from the Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, Karl August.

The Weimaraner is a very athletic breed of dog and the tail is often docked in countries where the practice is still allowed. The breed’s short coat and unusual eyes give it a distinctive appearance. Coats usually range from a charcoal-blue colour to mouse/silver-grey, while the eyes can be light amber, grey or blue-grey.

Male Weimaraners usually weigh anywhere from 30 – 40 kg (66 – 88 pounds) and stand 59 – 70 cm (23 – 28 inches) tall. Females are typically smaller at 25 – 35 kg (55 – 77 pounds) and 57 – 65 cm (22 – 26 inches) in height.

Weimaraners are highly energetic hunting dogs and they are prized for their endurance and stamina. They are the eleventh fastest dog breed in the world with a top speed of 56 km/h (35 mph).

Weimaraner Stats

  • Top speed – 56 km/h (35 mph)
  • Weight male – 30 – 40 kg (66 – 88 pounds)
  • Height male – 59 – 70 cm (23 – 28 inches)
  • Weight female – 25 – 35 kg (55 – 77 pounds)
  • Height female – 57 – 65 cm (22 – 26 inches)

12 – Dobermann

The Dobermann, or Doberman Pinscher in the United States and Canada, is a medium to large breed of dog that was originally developed around 1890 by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. While, there are a number of contradicting theories on why the Dobermann was originally created, it is believed that Karl Dobermann wanted to create a breed that could protect him.

The Dobermann breed is thought to be a mixture of several different breeds of dog that had characteristics Karl Dobermann was looking for. While the exact breeds used remain uncertain, experts believe that Dobermann used a combination of the following:

  • Beauceron,
  • German Pinscher
  • Rottweiler
  • Weimaraner

As the Dobermann was originally intended as a guard dog, males have a very muscular and intimidating appearance. They usually weigh anywhere from 40 – 45 kg (88 – 99 pounds) and stand 68 – 72 cm (27 – 28 inches) tall. Females on the other hand tend to be a bit smaller at 32 – 35 kg (71 – 77 pounds) and 63 – 68 cm (25 – 27 inches) tall.

Despite their impressive size, Dobermanns can run quite fast with a top speed of 51.5 km/h (32 mph).

Dobermann Stats

  • Top speed – 51.5 km/h (32 mph)
  • Weight male – 40 – 45 kg (88 – 99 pounds)
  • Height male – 68 – 72 cm (27 – 28 inches)
  • Weight female 32 – 35 kg (71 – 77 pounds)
  • Height female – 63 – 68 cm (25 – 27 inches)

13 – Great Dane

Looking at a Great Dane you wouldn’t assume they are one of the fastest dog breeds in the world. The Great Dane is undoubtedly the heaviest dog breed on this list, which makes their top speed of 48 km/h (30 mph) all the more impressive.

Great Danes originated in continental Europe from dogs that originally came from England. They were bred to hunt bear, boar and deer at princely courts, with the favourites staying in the Lord’s chambers at night.

The Great Dane is a very large dog breed and in fact, the tallest dog ever was a Dane known as Zeus, who stood 111.8 cm (44 inches) tall. Typically, males stand 76 – 79 cm (30 – 31 inches) in height, while females are 71 – 76 cm (28 – 30 inches) tall. Both males and females can weigh anywhere from 50 – 82 kg (110 – 180 pounds).

Great Danes have a very square build and feature naturally floppy, triangular ears. In the past, when Great Danes were commonly used for hunting, cropping of the ears was performed to reduce the likelihood of injuries during hunts. Cropping of the ears is still carried out in some countries, but many countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark the practice is banned.

Great Dane Stats

  • Top speed – 48 km/h (30 mph)
  • Weight – 50 – 82 kg (110 – 180 pounds)
  • Height male – 76 – 79 cm (30 – 31 inches)
  • Height female – 71 – 76 cm (28 – 30 inches)

14 – German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a medium to large-sized working dog that originated from Germany. It is known as the Deutscher Schäferhund in Germany and was known as the Alsatian in the UK from after the First World War until 1977 when its name was changed back to German Shepherd.

While German Shepherds are best known for their service in police forces around the world, they actually originate from the European Continental Shepherd Dog, which was used to herd sheep.

Max von Stephanitz, an ex-cavalry captain, was impressed by the intelligence, strength and ability of Germany’s sheepdogs and bought one for himself. After buying the dog he changed the name to Horand von Grafrath and set up the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (Society for German Shepherd Dogs). Horand was declared to be the first German Shepherd and was the first dog added to the society’s breed register.

German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent and are ranked third for intelligence behind Border Collies and Poodles. They feature a double coat which is close and dense with a thick undercoat. The coat most commonly comes in either tan/black or red/black, however, other colours are available.

Male German Shepherds usually weigh anywhere from 30 – 40 kg (66 – 88 pounds) and stand 60 – 65 cm (24 – 26 inches) tall. Female Shepherds are typically smaller with a weight of 22 – 33 kg (49 – 73 pounds) and a height of 55 – 60 cm (22 – 24 inches). They are one of the fastest dog breeds with a top speed of 48 km/h (30 mph).

German Shepherd Stats

  • Top speed – 48 km/h (30 mph)
  • Male weight – 30 – 40 kg (66 – 88 pounds)
  • Male height – 60 – 65 cm (24 – 26 inches)
  • Female weight – 22 – 33 kg (49 – 73 pounds)
  • Female height – 55 – 60 cm (22 – 24 inches)

15 – Border Collie

Border Collies are descended from Landrace Collies, a breed type found widely in the British Isles. The name of the breed came from its probable place of origin along the Anglo-Scottish border. They are widely used for herding due to their intelligence and obedience, and they are sometimes referred to as sheep dogs.

In general, Border Collies are medium-sized dogs with a moderate amount of coat. They feature a double coat that varies from rough to smooth and it can sometimes be curled. While black and white is the most common colour for the breed, they also appear in just about any colour and pattern known to occur in dogs.

Border Collies require immense amounts of physical exercise and mental stimulation to remain happy. They are one of the smartest dog breeds in the world and as such they can develop problematic behaviours in households that are not able to provide for their needs.

Male Border Collies usually weigh anywhere from 14 – 20 kg (31 – 44 lbs) and can be anywhere from 48 – 56 cm (19 – 22 inches) in height. Females are usually smaller at 12 – 19 kg (26 – 42 lbs) and 46 – 53 cm (18 – 21 inches) in height. With a top speed of 48 km/h (30 mph), they are one of the fast dog breeds in the world.

Border Collie Stats

  • Top speed – 48 km/h (30 mph)
  • Male Weight – 14 – 20 kg (31 – 44 lbs)
  • Male Height – 48 – 56 cm (19 – 22 inches)
  • Female Weight – 12 – 19 kg (26 – 42 lbs)
  • Female Height – and 46 – 53 cm (18 – 21 inches)

16 – Standard Poodle

While the exact origin of this breed is unknown, it has appeared in various different forms of imagery and literature going back as far as the 15th and 16th centuries. The Poodle was the principle pet dog of the late 18th century in Spain and they are commonly used as show dogs today.

Poodles are ranked as the second most intelligent dog breed just behind the Border Collie. They are incredibly skilful in many dog sports such as agility, tracking, herding, obedience and more. Poodles not only share similar levels of intelligence with Border Collies, they also share the same top speed of 48 km/h (30 mph).

Standard Poodles can be anywhere from 38 – 61 cm (15 – 24 inches) in height (measured at the shoulder) and usually weigh around 27 kg (60 pounds). Anything below 38 cm is considered to be a miniature Poodle.

Poodles have a unique coat that sheds minimally. They do not have a double coat like most dog breeds and the coat texture ranges from course and woolly to soft and wavy. The body is usually quite slim which helps the breed excel in agility sports.

Standard Poodle Stats

  • Top speed – 48 km/h (30 mph)
  • Weight – 27 kg (60 pounds)
  • Height – 38 – 61 cm (15 – 24 inches)

17 – Scottish Deerhound

This large breed of sighthound was originally bred to hunt Red Deer by coursing. It appears somewhat similar to a Greyhound but with a heavier build and longer, rough coat. The breed is closely related to the Irish Wolfhound and was a contributor to the breed when it was re-created at the end of the 19th century.

With the demise of the clan systems in Scotland, Deerhounds became sporting animals for landowners and the nobility. Due to their speed and silent hunting ability they are capable of making quick work of any game the size of a hare or larger.

While Scottish Deerhounds are slower than Greyhounds on smooth, firm surfaces, they actually beat the world’s fastest dog when the going gets rough. With a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph) and incredible endurance, the Scottish Deerhound is a formidable breed when they get going.

Male Deerhounds are usually 76 – 81 cm (30 – 32 inches) in height while females are typically around 71 cm (28 inches). Weights for males can be anywhere from 39 – 50 kg (85 – 110 pounds), while females can be 34 – 43 kg (75 – 95 pounds).

Scottish Deerhound Stats

  • Top speed – 45 km/h (28 mph)
  • Male weight – 39 – 50 kg (85 – 110 pounds)
  • Male height – 76 – 81 cm (30 – 32 inches)
  • Female weight – 34 – 43 kg (75 – 95 pounds)
  • Female height – 71 cm (28 inches)

18 – Giant Schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer is another working breed of dog from Germany and is the largest of the three breeds of Schnauzer. Numerous breeds were used to create the Giant Schnauzer, including the Great Dane, the Bouvier des Flandres, and the German Pinscher.

Giant Schnauzers emerged from Swabia in the German state of Bavaria, and Württemberg in the 17th century. They were originally bred as a multipurpose farm dog for guarding property and driving animals to markets. Following this they began to be used as watchdogs at factories, stockyards, breweries and more across the state of Bavaria.

While the Giant Schnauzer is called ‘Giant’, the breed is not that big compared to other large dogs. Males usually stand anywhere from 65 – 70 cm (25.5 – 27.5 inches) and females are typically 60 – 65 cm (23.5 – 25.5 inches). Weights usually run anywhere from 35 – 47 kg (77 – 104 pounds).

Giant Schnauzer Stats

  • Top speed – 45 km/h (28 mph)
  • Male height – 65 – 70 cm (25.5 – 27.5 inches)
  • Female height – 60 – 65 cm (23.5 – 25.5 inches)
  • Weight – 35 – 47 kg (77 – 104 pounds)

19 – Rhodesian Ridgeback

This South African breed can trace its roots back to the semi-domesticated, ridged hunting dogs of the Khoikhoi, which were crossed with European dogs by the early colonists of the Cape Colony of southern Africa.

The breed has been previously known as Van Rooyen’s lion dog, the African Lion Hound, and the African Lion Dog. It earned these names due to its ability to keep lions at bay while waiting for its master.

The Ridgeback’s distinguishing feature is the ridge of hair running down its back in the opposite direction from the rest of its coat. It consists of a fan-like area formed by two whorls of hair (called “crowns”) and tapers from immediately behind the shoulders down to the level of the hips.

Male Ridgebacks are usually 64 – 69 cm (25 – 27 inches) in height and weigh about 36.5 kg (80 pounds). Females are typically 61 – 66 cm (24 – 26 inches) in height and about 32 kg (71 pounds) in weight.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Stats

  • Top speed – 40 km/h (25 mph)
  • Male weight – 5 kg (80 pounds)
  • Male height – 64 – 69 cm (25 – 27 inches)
  • Female weight – 32 kg (71 pounds)
  • Female height – 61 – 66 cm (24 – 26 inches)

20 – Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound has been a popular breed with nobility and royalty. Among those believed to have kept it are Frederick II, The Duke of Swabia, and even Queen Victoria.

Italian Greyhounds are the smallest of the sighthounds and usually weigh no more than 5 kg (11 pounds) and stand about 38 cm (13 – 15 inches) tall.

The breed is deep chested with a tucked-up abdomen, long slender legs and a long neck that tapers down to a small head. They have a long and pointed head, and they come in a variety of colours from black to blue and more.

Despite having the same name as the fastest dog in the world, they are quite a bit slower with a top speed of 40 km/h (25 mph).

Italian Greyhound Stats

  • Top speed – 40 km/h (25 mph)
  • Weight – 5 kg (11 pounds
  • Height – 38 cm (13 – 15 inches)

Fastest Dog Breeds Quick Guide

PositionBreedTop speed


72km/h (45 mph)


68 km/h (42.8 mph)


3Afghan Hound


64.4 km/h (40 mph)




64.4 km/h (40 mph)
5Ibizan Hound


64.4 km/h (40 mph)
6Jack Russell Terrier


61.2 km/h (38 mph)




60 km/h (37 mph)


58 km/h (36 mph)


56 km/h (35 mph)
10Pharaoh Hound


56 km/h (35 mph)


56 km/h (35 mph)


51.5 km/h (32 mph)
13Great Dane


48 km/h (30 mph)
14German Shepherd


48 km/h (30 mph)
15Border Collie


48 km/h (30 mph)
16Standard Poodle


48 km/h (30 mph)
17Scottish Deerhound


45 km/h (28 mph)
18Giant Schnauzer


45 km/h (28 mph)
19Rhodesian Ridgeback


40 km/h (25 mph)
20Italian Greyhound


40 km/h (25 mph)

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