Can Dogs Drink Tea?

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world.

It is a cornerstone of civilisation, from East to West.

History has been made over a shared tea (and sometimes humans have even fought over it).

Tea is as inherently human as walking on two legs.

But can dogs drink tea?

Maybe you’ve noticed your dog “sniffing around” when you sit down for your morning cup of tea.

Maybe you’ve even given your dog a few sips.

Is this safe? Or is this harmful for your dog?

Let’s find out if dogs can safely drink tea or not.

Is Tea Safe For Dogs?

The first step is to determine whether or not tea is safe for dogs.

If it isn’t safe, then there is no point in giving your dog any tea to drink!

Long story short, tea isn’t really safe for dogs. The reason for this is that tea contains caffeine, and dogs are at great risk from caffeine toxicity.

While the quantity of caffeine in tea is relatively low for a human, it could be all too high for a dog.

Even a relatively small amount of caffeine could be harmful for your dog, which means a relatively small amount of tea could be problematic!

Remember that your dog has a different metabolic system to a human, and weighs a lot less than you do. While the caffeine in a cup of tea isn’t going to do much to you, it could have serious consequences for your dog.

Therefore, dogs shouldn’t drink tea.

My Dog Has Drunk Tea – What Should I Do?

If your dog has consumed some tea accidentally, then you’ll probably want to know what you should do in this situation.

How you respond will depend largely on how much tea you think your dog has consumed.

For example, if your dog has chewed up and eaten several tea bags, then we would strongly suggest taking your dog to the vet (even if this is just a precaution).

However, if your dog has just had a couple of sips of tea, then this probably isn’t anything to worry about.

To a large extent, this is all about using your judgement. If you notice any changes in behaviour, vomiting etc, then definitely go to the vet.


Can dogs drink tea?

No, they should not. Although a small amount of tea is unlikely to be too harmful, it is never a good idea to get into the habit of providing your dog with any substance that contains caffeine.

If you want a liquid treat for your dog, then it’s much better to invest in some quality pet milk instead.

Make sure you check out our guide to what dogs can and cannot eat/drink for more information on keeping your dog safe and healthy!

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