The Best Dog Treats Ever? – Japanese Dog Treat Review

Dogs love treats and when we came across these yoghurt treats on a recent trip to Japan, we had to buy them. We couldn’t believe that dog biscuits could come so nicely packaged and thought they would make a great present for Daisy and Winston back home.

The biscuits don’t really have a name, but the packaging states that they are only for dogs and that’s a good thing. These dog treats look so incredibly good we were wanting to give them a try ourselves. Of course we didn’t, but we have no doubt that these are the best looking and best presented treats we have ever given our dogs.

The biscuits look like some sort of shortbread and they all come individually wrapped, as many things do in Japan. All the individually packeted biscuits then come in one larger bag that looks more like something you might find in a jewellery store. The biscuits themselves contain yoghurt in them, but we are not sure about all of the ingredients inside.

Did Our Dogs Like These Special Japanese Dog Treats?

In a word, yes. Our dogs went ballistic over these treats and they kept on hounding us for more. They weren’t too fussed when we were opening the packet, but once they saw the treats it was game over.

As the treats are fairly large they are probably not the best for training purposes. They also break up and crumble fairly easily as well, so they are best suited for special occasions. We were a bit unsure how they would affect Daisy and Winston’s tummies, but we are glad to say there was no trouble in the morning.

Other Incredible Japanese Dog Treats

This was our first encounter with Japanese dog treats such as these and it got me thinking, what other interesting treats are out there. I had a quick look for Japanese dog treats and have listed some of the ones I found below:

Bolo Biscuit Cookie For Dogs

Apparently these biscuits are very popular and they come in a range of different flavours. The ones we have linked to are the Blueberry Bolo and cheese cabbage variety, which sure sounds like an interesting mix. There also looks to be anything from apple flavour to sweet potato and milk. These are additive free treats, so they need to be used fairly quickly once opened.

Find out more about the Bolo Biscuit Cookie here.  

PV The Person of the Dog Snacks

With a name like “The person of the dog snack” there is no way we couldn’t include this one. While we know that this is probably due to some seriously poor translation, we couldn’t help but laugh at the name. It looks like it is made of horse meat in Mongolia, so we probably wouldn’t buy it ourselves, but the product is still interesting nonetheless.

Check out this link for more information on the Person of the Dog Snack.

PV Dog Fish Snacks

Dogs love a bit of fish and now you can give them a whole one. Our last product we found were these tiny little fish and according to the vendor “the taste does not surely disappoint the exception of the doggy, too”. The wakasagi fish is found in a lakes around Hokkaido and is a suitable treat for dogs worried about their daily salt intake. If your dog is looking for a healthy treat, these fish snacks will be the ones for them.

Find out more about PV’s Fish Snacks for Dogs.

So what are the strangest or most interesting dog treats you have come across. Let us know in the comments below and if you do purchase any of the above, do send us a photo or leave a comment on our Facebook page here.

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