Five Fun Political Dog Toys

There’s nothing people get angrier about than politics, so that’s why we thought we would make a list of the coolest political dog toys that your canine companion can bite and tear at. Watching your dog shred your most hated political figure will not only give joy to yourself, but also your pooch.

The toys below aren’t going to be the strongest or the toughest, but they should ‘put a smile on your dial’. You should always monitor your dog when they are playing with toys and replace them when they become damaged.

Before we start this article we want to say that this website is about dogs and not politics, so there will be no political rambling in this piece.

Fozzu Presidential Parody Dog Toys

Fozzu’s line of Presidential dog toys will make your day when you see what they have to offer. The company offers five different political figures from a Donald Trump dog toy, to a Hillary Clinton one and even good old Bernie Sanders. The other two are Bill Clinton and Vladimir Putin.

All of the toys feature a squeaker inside and they come in a variety of sizes, including dog size, jumbo, small dog and even Cat size (if your cat wants to join in on the action). They are made of a non-toxic fabric material and feature fortified triple-stitching seams, so they will put up a good fight.

If you are looking for a great set of political dog toys, Fozzu’s range is certainly one of the best. Find out more about Fozzu’s toys here

OMG Dog Toys Kim Jong Un Dog Toy

Yes, that’s right! Even being an evil dictator won’t stop you from being chewed on by dogs around the world. The Kim Jong Un dog toy (or Chubby Kim as OMG Dog Toys calls him) is fitted out in casual attire and features his favourite saying “Nuke Me? No, Nuke You!”

According to OMG Dog Toys “Everybody hates the Evil Dictator Kim Jong-un and now your furry friend can get in on the action with this Funny Dog Toy!”

Just like the real man himself, this toy won’t go down without a fight. Its twice folded then stitched seams and cotton/canvas material mean that this toy is durable. The toy itself is 11 inches tall and is perfect for all dog sizes according to the manufacturer.

Find out more about the Kim Jong-un dog toy here. 

Chomp A Chump Donald Trump Dog Toy


There is no shortage of Donald Trump dog toys out there, however we think the Chomp a Chump Donald Trump dog toy has to be one of the best. It’s made of a durable and tough canvas material with strong stitches joining it together.

The toy features “USA” tape on his mouth so that you can’t hear him scream as your dog gets their big slobbery jaws all over him. Chomp a Chump even states that the toy will be a future collectible, however we aren’t too sure about that. Still, if you are not a fan of the latest President of the United States, this toy will set you straight.

Find out more about the Chomp a Chump Donald Trump dog toy here. 

Hillary Clinton Chew Toy

We’ve had Donald Trump, so now it’s Hillary Clinton’s turn. This Hillary Clinton dog toy is ideal for dogs and owners who are looking for a bit of democrat chewing action. The bone shaped dog chew toy will keep your dog shaking, biting, ripping and chewing at your most hated political figure for hours.

The Hillary Clinton dog chew toy is made from non-toxic materials and has a high quality image of Clinton with the words “I Swear” printed along the length of it.

Rubie’s Political Wig

No prizes for guessing who this wig is modelled after. If you are looking for something to dress up your dog and make them look like the president of the United States, Rubies got you covered.

The wig comes in two sizes, small/medium and medium/large, so it should fit most dogs out there. It has got the classic orange comb over and will be great for any politically minded dog. Rubies even offers a full business suit for your dog as well, which means they can have the full political package.

Find out more about the Political Wig here. 

Bonus product – Poo Puppets Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Dog Poop Bags

We’ve gone through five political dog toys, but we thought we would add a bonus product. Poo Puppets do a line of Donald Trump poo bags and Hillary Clinton poo bags as well. These poo bags will let everyone know where your political heart lies and will make for some great fun.

For your money you get 1 dispenser which holds 4 rolls containing 20 bags a piece. The bags are 8.5 x 12.5 inches’ x 4 mil.

Find out more about the bags here. 

Summing Up Political Dog Toys

The dog toys on this list probably aren’t going to be the most durable or best toys out there, we have other articles for those. If you are looking for something to take your political anger out on however, these five toys and the poo bags will get you sorted. Whether it is Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, or devious Bill, these dog toys will be a good laugh.

Remember to supervise your dog when playing with dog toys and if you see signs of wear it is best to replace them. Tell us your favourite toy in the comments below and if you know of any other great political dog toys let us know.

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