KONG Extreme Dog Toy Review

Buying toys for your dog can always be hard. You want something fun and durable that won’t empty your pocket. KONG is one of the most respected brands when it comes to dog toys and they make some of the most durable ones you can find.

Today we are looking at their Wubba Classic. We are going to look at its features, durability and fun factor. By the end of this article you should be able to make a decision on whether the KONG Wubba is the right toy for your dog.

A Brief of History of The Kong Company.   

The Kong Company (or KONG) is a based in Colorado in the United States. KONG is most famous for their snowman-like chew toy for dogs, the KONG Classic. The company also makes a range of other different toys for both dogs and cats.

KONG was founded by Joe Markham and the first product was released in the 1970s. He noticed that his German Shepherd was damaging its teeth by chewing rocks. His dog also enjoyed chewing on a hard rubber Volkswagen bus suspension device, which he used as inspiration to create the first KONG product.

Markham’s friend labelled the toy as “KONG”, because he thought it looked like an earplug for King Kong.

What Is The KONG Extreme Dog Toy?

KONG states that their Extreme dog toy represents their most durable product. It is designed with their strongest black rubber formula and is created for the most extreme chewers.

The toy is shaped like a snow-man (or bee-hive) and can be filled with all sorts of different treats that will keep your dog entertained for hours. Due to its unique shape, the KONG extreme is great for fetch as it bounces erratically.

In addition to normal treats like biscuits, the KONG can be filled with rewards like peanut butter or you can even freeze treats in it.

This KONG toy is often recommended by veterinarians and dog trainers for anything from training to teething.

Are There Any Options for the KONG?

KONG offers the Extreme toy in a various different sizes to fit all breeds of dog. This review is based on the XL one. Additionally, if you don’t believe you need the toughest KONG toy, the company also offers the classic KONG (in red). There is also a version for puppies as well, which is designed to be easier on young dog’s teeth.

Is The KONG Extreme a Good Dog Toy?

The KONG Extreme is an excellent toy and is great for any tough chewing dog. Our two Labs love playing with the KONG and it is a great distraction toy when filled with treats. We often use peanut butter to keep them entertained, however, there are so many different other food items you can try.

It’s great for exciting games of fetch, but it obviously can’t be used for games of tug which is a shame. We feel that this classic shape KONG toy is an essential toy for any serious dog owner.

Is The KONG Extreme a Durable Dog Toy?

The KONG Extreme is definitely one of the most durable toys we have ever encountered. While something like the GoughNuts Maxx 50 Stick dog toy is probably more durable, we don’t have any worries about leaving this toy with our dogs.

This toy will withstand the majority of tough chewing dogs and KONG has a great return policy if you do have a problem with it. We have also used the normal Classic version and the Puppy version, which both seem to be very durable products as well.

The only real problem we have had in the past is that all our dogs seem to eventually bury. We are not too sure why, but it always seems to be a problem. Still, that’s not a knock on KONG, but more to do with the nature of our dogs.

What Is The Price of The KONG Extreme?

Not including shipping we paid US$8.99 for a XL KONG Extreme. The KONG Extreme was on sale at the time, but even at double the price we think the toy is well worth it. However, in your local area the price may be different. In New Zealand the same size KONG Extreme is over NZ$60, considerably more expensive than the one off Amazon.

Additionally, the Classic and Puppy versions of the KONG toy are less expensive. Remember that the sizing of the toy will also effect the pricing.

Is The KONG Extreme Worth a Buy?

This toy is definitely worth a buy. We feel that it is one of the best toys you can buy for your dog. It can be used to distract your dog and can be used for interactive games with them. While the fun factor isn’t as high as something like a KONG Wubba, it is definitely a more durable product.


Things We Like About The KONG Extreme

  • Excellent distraction toy
  • Durable and tough
  • Not too expensive, especially on sale
  • Great return policy
  • Quality feel
  • Can be used for exciting games of fetch

Things We Don’t Like About The KONG Extreme

  • Can’t be used for games of tug
  • Not as interactive as something like a Wubba

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