Top Ten Donald Trump Dog Toys

Donald Trump is a divisive character, but whether you love him or hate him he has changed the political scene in America forever. If you are not on the side of the Trumpinator, we reckon the best way to get your anger out is watching your dog have a go at him. That’s why we have put together a list of all the best Donald Trump dog toys we could find.

The toys we have listed below are not the toughest or strongest, but we think you are going to love them. Before we get into the toys, let’s look at some toy safety.

Dog Toy Safety

Different breeds of dog are easier or harder on toys, and some dogs will destroy weak ones in seconds. Always supervise your dog when they are playing with toys and replace them when they are starting to show signs of excessive wear.

The Best Donald Trump Dog Toys

Below we have put together the best Trump dog toys. These cover a range of different types of toys and will keep both you and your dog entertained for hours.

Fuzzu Donald Trump Dog Toy

Fuzzu makes some of the best presidential pet toys and your dog will love to bite down on this Donald Trump toy. The toy is remarkably lifelike and Donald is sporting his golden tan, plush hair and tidy suit look. Fuzzu’s toys all come with flopy arms and legs, so your dog can shake them senseless.

To make the toy more durable, Fuzzu have fortified the seams with durable triple-stitching and it is made out of non-toxic printed cotton/poly canvas. The toy also features a squeaker, which will keep your dog coming back for more fun.

Fuzzu offers the toy in a range of different sizes for different sized dogs and you can even buy a cat version. For those looking for a different political figure, the company also makes a Bernie Sanders toy, a Hillary Clinton dog toy, Bill Clinton and even Vladimir Putin.

Find out more about Fuzzu’s Donald Trump Dog Toy.

Patpet Presidential Donald Trump Squeaker Dog Toy

The Presidential Parody Trump dog toy from Patpet is sure to keep both you are your canine companion entertained. It comes in one size and is 11 inches tall. The toy is manufactured by Boran, which is a Chinese based company that has over 10 years of experience making pet products. Like the Fuzzu above, this toy features a squeaker and is ideal for a range of different breeds of dog.

Find out more about the Presidential Parody Donald Trump dog toy from Patpet.

Donald Trump “Bite Me” Chew Toy

This Donald Trump chew toy is ideal for dogs and owners who are looking for a bit of republican chewing action. The bone shaped chew will keep your dog biting, shaking, ripping and chewing at Mr Trump for hours.

It is manufactured from non-toxic materials and features the words “bite me” on it. Alternatively, if you want a bit of democrat chewing action, Funneebones also offers a Hillary Clinton dog toy as well.

Find out more about the Donald Trump Chew Toy here.

Donald Trump Chicken Dog Toy

Yes, you did read that right, someone has gone to the effort of making a toy that mixes President Trump with a chicken. This has got to be our favourite toy on the list, and we are sure you and your dog will love it to.  

Chicken Trump is made from a soft, plush material and features no less than five squeakers inside. It will be great for games of fetch and tug as it has minimal stuffing inside.

Check out Chicken Trump on Amazon.

Chomp A Chump Donald Trump Dog Toy

If you are looking for one of the toughest Trump dog toys out there, you can’t go far wrong with the Chomp a Chump toy. It is manufactured out of a durable and tough canvas material with strong stitching to hold it together.

The toy features “USA” flag tape on his mouth so you can’t hear him scream when your dog starts chomping on him. Chomp a Chump even states that the Trump dog toy could be a future memorabilia item to remember the crazy election in 2016, however, we’re not too sure about that. Still, if you are looking for a great Trump toy that your canine companion can really tear into, the Chomp a Chump will be ideal.

Find out more about the Chomp a Trump here.

Presidential Donnie Doll Chew Toy

Made from non-toxic latex rubber, the Donnie Doll chew toy is great for small to medium sized dogs. Squeakers inside the toy will make it even more exciting for your dog to play with and it features Trump’s signature winning figure pose. While this toy is fine for smaller dogs, it is not recommended for tough chewers.

Check out the Donnie Doll chew toy here.   

LEDNovelty Donald Trump Stuffed Dog Toy

Your dog will love shaking, throwing, tossing and chewing LEDNovelty’s Trump dog toy. The toy features Trump’s famous canary yellow hair, blue suit, red tie, yellow dollar socks and his ‘bigly’ facial expression.

It is made from 100% non-toxic materials and the company even claims it will help your dog’s dental health. While the toy is durable LEDNovelty made it to be torn apart, giving you the satisfaction of watching Mr Trump get ripped into pieces.

The great thing with this toy is that LEDNovelty provides a 100% money back guarantee, so you can buy it risk free.

Find out more about LEDNovelty’s Trump dog toy here.

Fomate Trump Wig & Tie

Want to dress your dog up as President Trump, well, Fomate has you covered with their Trump wig & tie doggie cosplay collection. The wig features Trump’s iconic comb over in golden yellow and the tie has patriotic stars and stripes on it.

An easy fit hook-and-loop fastener will get your canine companion looking like Mr Trump in no time and you can even attach other accessories to it as well. The necktie is adjustable via Velcro bands. So you can get the perfect fit for your dog.

Check out Fomate’s Trump Wig & Tie for dogs here on Amazon.

Rubie Donald Trump Dog Costume

To go along with the wig & tie above, why don’t you invest in Rubie’s business suit pet costume. The suit comes in a range of different sizes and should fit most dogs from small to big. However, Rubie recommends you check out their size guide before purchasing to make sure the suit will fit.

The suit is blue in colour and comes with a white collar and red necktie. Velcro adjusters are used to close the suit around the neck and body, so you should be able to get the perfect fit.

Find out more about Rubie’s Trump Business suit here.

Dumps for Trump Dog Poo Bags

The last item on this list is not a toy but we’re sure you will love it. These Dumps for Trump poo bags will be ideal for picking up your dog’s nasty business. Slimy or hard, these bags will be good for all number twos and you will have the satisfaction of getting Mr Trump’s bigly face right in there.

For your money, you will get a total of three 20 bag rolls (60 rolls if your maths is a bit rough) and an exclusive Dumps for Trump sticker.

Check out the Dumps for Trump poo bags here.  

Summing Up the Best Donald Trump Dog Toys

While the dog toys on this list probably aren’t going to be the most durable or long lasting, they will undoubtedly provide some entertainment. If you are looking for something to take your Trump hatred out on, these ten products will have you sorted. Whether it is chew toys, costumes or poo bags, these items will give you something to laugh about.

Remember to always supervise your dog when they are playing with toys, especially if you have a particularly destructive canine. Toys that are showing excessive signs of wear should be replaced, as small parts can be dangerous to dogs. Thanks for reading this review!

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